What is Your Response?

leadership May 07, 2021

On May 25, 2020 the death of George Floyd again exposed the racism, supremacy, and division that still remains one of the darkest sides of our society. After seeing the video, I was devastated. 

My response to this kind of violence in the past has largely resembled other advocates. I have marched in protests and walks for inclusion, advocated for systemic and legal changes, started a nonprofit for inclusion, and consistently voted in elections for reform. Like many people, I have always tried to remain hopeful, but this time was different.  

Are The Responses We Use Working?

I began to wonder if  the same responses habitually used in the past, would realistically produce the lasting change we so desperately need now. Our responses have brought progress and awareness. However, we must ask ourselves, “We are in the 2020’s. Why are we still grappling with the same issues?” Something is wrong and we need to re-evaluate our responses!

Adopting More Effective Practices

After looking at my own responses, there is no doubt that many needed to change. I have personally made a decision to focus more on training people to lead inclusion. I recently wrote a book called “Include ME!” that shares strategies I have used as a leader for the past 20 years to effectively increase inclusion in schools, communities and businesses. Pathways has begun, Unite for Inclusion (UFI) to get everyone together for the sole purpose of inclusion and to train leaders at the grassroots level.  There are no labels or stereotypes in UFI, only people who are passionate about inclusion.  

How Will You Respond?

None of us can afford to remain idle. This week ask yourself "How will I respond?" What changes can I make to become more effective in leading inclusion in my own life? Please share your ideas and responses below in the comments section. 

All proceeds from the Include ME! book and donations will go toward our mission of promoting inclusion. Click below to purchase the book.