Unite for Inclusion 

About our movement to raise up youth leaders for inclusion


About Unite for Inclusion

Unite for Inclusion (UFI) is a movement to get everyone together for the sole purpose of inclusion. There are no labels or stereotypes in UFI, only people who are passionate about inclusion.  

 Our mission is to train and build leaders who can help unite and educate people on how to build more inclusive schools, communities and businesses. If you already are or aspire to train people as leaders for inclusion, you have come to the right place!

None of us can afford to live in oblivion or ignorance. We must all come together to end the division and supremacy that dehumanizes and and divides us as a country.  We must train and involve everyone to work with us in developing and leading new solutions toward building a more inclusive world!

A great place for you to begin to find out more about UFI is to get the the book "Include ME!" by Melinda Jennis. All proceeds from the Include ME! book and donations will go toward our mission of promoting inclusion. Click here to buy the "Include ME!" book.

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