Finding Your Calling Through Tragedy

find your calling Jun 18, 2021

Some people may find their calling through asking the question, “What makes your heart sing?” This week we will take a look at the opposite side. Some of us have experienced the kind of tragedies that have left us feeling a relentless anger, emptiness, and pain. While some people find their calling through what makes their heart sing, others find it through tragedy and heart break.


Asking The Question, “Why Me?”

In 2010, a friend of mine went through the agonizing death of her son who committed suicide. His death brought the entire community to its knees. His mother turned her agony into a calling. She now works endlessly helping, not only people with mental health issues, but their families.  She has made an impact on countless people's lives and given them hope. Nobody will ever make sense of these tragedies or fill the agonizing hole they leave inside. However, some people who have experienced this type of tragedy will begin to crawl forward day by day toward a small ray of hope that has become a force for good and healing.  One of the biggest motivations for their calling is that others will never have to experience the pain and tragedy they have. Their pain has ignited their calling. 


What Does Pain Reveal?

A lot of people try to block out pain, but pain that breaks your heart can be very revealing. It can sometimes show you more about your passions and purpose than anything else. That pain may cause you to take action and begin to move toward answering the question, “Why me?” Pain can impact you so profoundly that it may direct your life toward your calling and provide answers you have been yearning for. I have often found pain and tragedy to be a wakeup call. When I was told my son had multiple disabilities, I mourned the loss of the perfect child I wanted. I often asked the question, “Why me?”  Today, that question transformed into another one, “Why not me?” My son has become a blessing. His demeaner is one that has taught me so much about grace and unconditional love. He has helped many people, including myself, to look in the mirror and find meaning in life and what truly matters.


Why Pay Attention to Heart Break?

Last week you wrote down the things that made your heart sing. This week, as you go through your day, write down the things that break your heart or that you find deeply troubling. It might be a book you read or a news report you heard. It could be an inhumane way that a person is treated or tragic injustice you have experienced that burns deep in your soul. Whatever it is, begin to listen to your heart. 


This week think about what breaks your heart and how to guide that pain into a purpose that brings new meaning and hope to yourself and others. Write it down and journal about it. It may not be a tragedy you have experienced personally, but something in the world that every time it surfaces, it causes you pain. Again, look for patterns. I have seen people that have experienced heartfelt pain over people not have drinking water, schools, food, clothing and more. People have taken these tragedies and turned them into victories by following the agony they felt for others pain. They have created viable solutions that have help end other people’s agony and hardship. Keep growing in your awareness of your heart and how it speaks to you. It will guide you toward finding your  calling. It will become louder as you clear away the distractions and take the time to listen carefully to your heart.


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