The First Step Toward Finding Your Calling

find your calling Jun 25, 2021
Take the Leap

After my son was excluded from a soccer field because of his disabilities, my calling to lead inclusion began to rumble. Like a pesky mosquito in my ear at night, that rumble would not quit. I went to bed at night thinking about it and woke up daily to a relentless tug that kept pulling at me from within. I had a calling, but why did I feel so overwhelmed and lost? I could not seem to get my hands around this ominous feeling inside nor could I definitively understand how to respond to the calling. I knew I had to do something but what?

What is Your First Step?

Begin by asking what caused that inner rumble to start inside of you. Mine began on the soccer field. I decided that my first step was to go to the Director of Recreation. I was going to talk to her to see how we could start an inclusive programs for all children. Your calling may seem huge and overwhelming. Keep things simple and doable. Focus on the first step and continue to build by taking additional steps… at a time. As you accumulate steps your confidence will grow and your calling will expand and evolve along with it. Your small steps will begin to compound into gaining the confidence needed to take bigger leaps toward your calling.

Beware Of The Biggest Obstacle

Walking from the parking lot to director’s office was one of the longest walks I had ever taken. It was not because of the distance, but the self-talk in my head was relentless and filled with limiting beliefs.  My mind raced with thoughts like; what if I fail, I have no clue how to do this, I don’t have the time, what if the director says “no,” and on and on. I had a million and one reasons to go home and not to take that leap. I felt a strong inward tug of war and wondered, “Is this truly a calling or am I going insane?” Probably a little of both!

That day, I took the leap of faith. I continued to walk through the parking lot and straight into the director's office. I turned away from the self-talk and began to realize I just had to take the first small step. Beware of self-talk and the limiting beliefs in your mind. The biggest obstacles I have ever faced are the ones I allow inside of me.

Take The Leap Toward Your Calling

As I left the director’s office, I became much more mindful of the destructive influence my self-talk had over me. The brain likes rituals and loves to remain in the comfort zone. It will tell you anything to keep you thinking small and inside of the box.  In contrast, your inner spirit yearns to grow and take risks. I liken the spirit to a bird inside that wants to fly and break loose from constrains and conformities. It longs to take you toward your own unique and unlimited potential and freedom. I always think of the mind and spirit as the devil and angel that sit on opposite shoulders. The spirit expresses itself in abundance while the mind thinks in terms of scarcity. The mind works to hold you back and the spirit to pull you forward. That day if I had listened to my mind, I would have gone home. Instead, I took the first step and began to leap toward my calling. It is something I have never regretted. 

Always remember, you do not have to climb the mountain in a day. What is the first small step you can take to begin the journey toward your calling? Many people have dreams, but most never take the first step toward making them a reality. The first step can be the hardest. Once you get started, it is often easier to begin putting one foot in front of the other.

As you take more steps, your calling will develop larger wings that will to take you higher.  My calling has always made me reach further and push beyond what I thought possible. This week defy the obstacles and limiting beliefs in your mind. Define what your first step will be, take the leap toward reaching your fullest potential, and answer the calling that lives inside of you!

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