Preparing for Change

# learn to include me! Jan 23, 2022

Many of us have New Year’s resolutions. How are you doing with your resolutions? We are now in the third week of January. This is the time where the health clubs begin to die down and the parking spaces begin to open up. The health food stores have less people and the lines of cars at fast food drive throughs are getting longer. Our resolutions have weakened but do you still feel you want more for your life?

Are You Struggling wit Goals this Year? 

During New Years, it has become a tradition for my kids and I to make vision boards.  We get poster board, markers, stickers, and photographs and have a great time getting all excited for the new year. I usually have the most stuff on my board and have a list a mile long. This year was different. My list of goals was blank and when everyone was done with their vision board, mine was still completely white. Do you ever feel like that? I knew I wanted more for my life but felt at a complete loss. I was literally drawing a blank.

A Time to Reflect 

At first I was a little worried and felt down. For me, not to be filled with visions and goals was almost frightening. I sat at the table speechless. I thought about haphazardly throwing a few things on my vision board, but I decide not to. I left it white and put it back in the closet. I wasn’t ready. I have rarely felt this way in my life, but when I do, something is not in alignment and it is time for reflection and change.

Preparing to Turn a New Corner

There is no doubt my life is turning another corner. Unlike a fork in the road where you have choices to make, turning a corner requires a lot more faith and courage. You do not know what is on the other side of the corner. Have you ever been there? It kind of feels like you are hanging in limbo

 I have felt this way before and one thing I know is that having a blank slate in front you doesn’t mean you are lost. In fact, I liken it to Van Gogh with a white canvas in front of him. It is time to create a new painting with a whole new outlook. It is not time to feel lost or empty. Instead it is time to paint and recreate.

The pandemic has done a lot to make people begin to evaluate their lives like never before. People are changing careers and moving to new places. Are you struggling to find exactly where you belong? Share below how you are turning the corners in your life. Are you paralyzed with fear and depressed or are you walking forward to see what opportunities await you?

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