Where Do You Find Inclusion?

inclusion Dec 03, 2021
 Most people spend a lifetime trying to answer the question, “Where can I go to feel included?” Inclusion can feel elusive and transient because we are often looking for it in the wrong place. Let’s spend a few weeks talking about what inclusion is and isn’t.  
Do You Feel Included When You Fit In?
Have you ever been envious of others? Do you find yourself wishing you looked like somebody else when you stand in front of a mirror? Does it seem that everyone else is living a life you can only dream about?  I certainly know I have struggle with this. Have you?
Can You Find Inclusion Through People Pleasing?
One of the major ways many people try to feel included is by seeking the approval of others. "People pleasing" is the primary avenue many of us use to try to find inclusion. But does it work? How do you feel when everything from your clothing to your personality begins to conform to the expectations of those around you. Isn’t it exhausting when you are forced to play a chameleon that constantly has to change who you are to “fit in”? Does it help you to feel more included?
Make Inclusion Authentic to You!
One thing I have found is that you can dress inclusion up and take it anywhere, but when you have to sell your soul to gain the approval of others, you are looking in the wrong place for inclusion. Giving the power of inclusion to others at your own expense, is the exact opposite of inclusion. Inclusion is not about sacrificing who you are. Inclusion is about having the confidence and freedom within you to be who you are, despite what others think!
Do some self-reflection this week. Start small. Instead of conforming to the voice of others, write one thing a day you can do to start listening to your own inner voice. Do something as simple as buying a pair of shoes or sweats that you know others may not like but you love. Share below how you are blazing your own trail to finding what inclusion means to you instead of trying to gain it through the approval of others.  Finding inclusion begins by looking for it within YOU!

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