Why Inclusion Is A Business’ Most Valuable Asset   

inclusion in business Nov 26, 2021
 Inclusion is about opportunity and potential. It is about having an open mind and heart and authentically seeing, hearing, and valuing the employees and customers you are here to serve. Inclusion is a business’ most valuable asset. With inclusion you can move mountains. Without it, you will cultivate disengagement and status quo in almost everything you do.
Inclusion Transforms Businesses
Inclusion invites creative ideas from others that seem impossible but may ultimately transform into the next million dollar profit. Inclusion is about seeing that spark of potential in an employee that nobody else can imagine. That one employee might become your next innovative leader who changes the entire trajectory of your business. Inclusion can also be found by listening to a disgruntled customer that inadvertently solves a chronic problem nobody else in your company could see. Listening carefully and including your customers can solve problems that could save you millions. Think about the loss of opportunity and profit that happens on a daily basis because you are not inclusive. There is no doubt that Inclusion helps to drive profits and can transform businesses.
Inclusion Creates Movements
Think about how inclusion can create a movement within your business. Inclusion creates the kind of buy-in and loyalty from both your employees and customers that can produce an unstoppable momentum for change, progress, and scalability. Inclusion continuously opens doors to opportunity and sees potential. This creates a snowball effect that compounds almost on its own.
In contrast, exclusion often leads to losses in both financial profitability and human potential. Think about the contrast of inclusion and exclusion and the outcomes each of the bring as it relates to your company. Exclusion closes doors to opportunity, but inclusion can’t wait to open them. A great example of this is Apple. Apple has created its own movement that has transformed their profits into something their competitors have been unable to match.  Without the experience Apple provides to their tribe and a sense of belonging they all feel, Apple would be just another computer business. It is not the features of their products that have created their tribe. Their employees and customers feel a part of a movement or included in something Apple offers that feels bigger than themselves.
Inclusion Drives the Extraordinary
Inclusion is about people not money. Inclusion is inviting your employees and customers to sit at the table with you and to participate in every area of growth and opportunity that is available. A company can be profitable without inclusion but your company will never reach its fullest potential without it. Don’t become the kind of company that puts the cart before the horse. Developing a mindset that thinks money drives inclusion is shortsighted. If you want to become an extraordinary company that produces greater profits and scalability, lead with inclusion and make it your company's foundation. When it becomes the focus of your company, the money often follows.
The most valuable asset a business can have is inclusion. Inclusion is not a legal requirement, it is a human requirement. Unless you run business in a vacuum, inclusion is imperative. Make your employees and customers feel included. Inclusion attracts and exclusion repels. Which action will bring about the greatest returns for you investment? Inclusion!  Work toward making it your greatest asset.

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