How Simple Things Can Get You Unstuck

# personal development Apr 04, 2022

I read a post this week in a Facebook group that many of us can relate to. It was a person  who commented that she felt she had totally lost touch with who she was. She asked if other people were struggling with it. The likes and comments started flowing with many people who also expressed similar feelings. There is no question that the struggle to feel included becomes much harder when your life feels numb and disengaged . The question is how do we get unstuck and start to feel the aliveness and  vibrancy we are searching for?  How do we go about finding that part of ourselves so many have lost?

 Give yourself a high five!

Mel Robbins recently wrote a book called, “The High Five Habit.” Her book talks about one simple thing: “Make it a habit to give yourself a high five every time you look at yourself in the mirror.” Mel  Robbins was passionate about the fact that we all need to stop looking in the mirror and seeing the negatives such as all the wrinkles on your face, bad hair days, and clothes that fit too tight. I immediately laughed and thought; “How could giving myself a high five  in a mirror make a difference?”

 The power of a high five!

At first, I was skeptical but decided to try it. I felt completely foolish standing in front of the mirror high fiving myself. I closed the bathroom door so nobody could see me, and despite my misgivings, did it anyway. I was amazed at the transformation that started to take place. Soon I also began saying positive affirmations  with each high five like, “You are amazing, You are worthy of the best life can offer, You go girl!” I added a few dance moves, fist pumps, and butt jigs and I was grooving. It absolutely made a difference. Starting with a simple high five made me stop a few seconds several times a day to cheer for myself and validate the positive in ME!

 Recognize how Great YOU are!

Interestingly, as I read Mel’s book, she gave loads of research that support the value of a “high five.” Think about it. When you give your kids a high five, they love it! Change your thinking, stop in front of a mirror and start giving yourself the high fives you deserve! A little self -recognition and validation might be the first small step you can take to begin to find the person inside you feel you have lost!

Share below what simple things you are doing to give yourself a few affirmations a day!


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