Do You Feel Your Life is Stuck?

# personal development Mar 28, 2022

Trying to juggle life’s demands on your time and energy can leave you feeling drained and struggling to find meaning and purpose in your life. Add to that the stresses and uncertainty of the COVID19 pandemic, and the last two years have turned everybody upside down. How long has it been since you truly felt your life mattered or felt your heart come alive with aspirations? Instead of waking up to a new day filled with hope and opportunity, are you feeling your life is stuck? Do you wish you were more engaged and felt included in the life you want?

 Are you Stuck in Daily Rituals?

There is nothing wrong with having daily rituals, but sometimes these rituals can make you feel that your life is dull and repetitive. You wake up to the same job and life. Household chores, errands, and being your child’s therapist, tutor, and taxi cab driver consumes your life. Do you ever ask yourself, “Is there more to life than this?” How do you get unstuck from life’s rituals to feel the joy of truly living the life you were destined for? How do you get unstuck and begin to feel included again in the things you want in life?

Where Are You Getting Struck?

Often you may get stuck in the rituals if life. We become the roles we play or the titles we have been given.   One of the reasons why you may feel stuck is that you have become enslaved by your roles or titles. Have you ever treated your career, family ,or life similar to a job description filled with boring and lifeless things you “SHOULD or HAVE to do?” What about all the things we “WANT or COULD do?” Are we neglecting these? This could be the root of why we feel struck and excluded from all the opportunities life offers.

What would happen if you changed your perspective and saw your roles as exciting opportunities or pathways that could lead you toward the things you aspire to become in life? It is never about being stuck, it is about understanding the costs of not claiming the things you deserve. Don’t allow  life to pass you by when so many opportunities are waiting to include you!

Do You Look at Life as a Journey?

We are all on a journey called life. The thing you can’t forget is that a journey implies you are moving toward something. Feeling stuck does not mean you have to stay there. You have a choice. You can stay stuck inside a 3x3 box or start moving to get out.  Sometimes the hardest part is opening your eyes, increasing your awareness, and getting at least one toe out of the box!  The first step is to choose to set your life in motion and begin to  resolutely take full advantage of the journey ahead of you! Resolutely decide you will do everything you can to find the opportunities that await you and to begin to feel included in your life and purpose!

Over the next few weeks we are going to spend time sharing practical ways to get your life unstuck . You were born to live a life that matters and has purpose. Let’s work together to help and support each other toward getting unstuck and realizing the joy and fulfillment we deserve!

Share below the ways in which your life is feeling stuck!  It is through sharing we ALL learn!

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