How Habits in our Brain Lead to Exclusion

inclusion Mar 12, 2022

There is no doubt that  segregation and exclusion still infiltrate every area of our world. Why do we struggle so much with including each other when it is a basic human need we all yearn for?  

Exclusion is often caused by negative habits that we are oblivious to and sadly have become entrenched in our daily lives.  How can these habits weigh in on how much we include or exclude others? 

The Habit of Becoming Judge and Jury

Challenge yourself to pay more attention to how many people you judge every day. You may think, “That person is too fat or thin or their hair style and clothing look terrible.“ None of us is exempt from standing in judgement of SOMEBODY ELSE. The sad thing is the result of our judgement does not tend to be overly positive. If the world could hear the thoughts you hide in your head, how proud would you be? We think exclusion and judgement is everybody else’ problem. In reality, exclusion and judgement is everyone’s problem. Nobody is completely exempt of being the judge and jury of others.

When We Compare Nobody Wins

Our brains have also been programmed to compare ourselves to others.  For example, you may compare yourself to your neighbor in something as simple as the car THEY drive in comparison to YOURS. Your brain often works overtime categorizing you as better or worse than the people and along with that comes feelings of inferiority and superiority.

 Making comparisons can also result in self demeaning thoughts such as, “I will never become good enough or why does everybody else’s life look so much better than mine?” If comparison habits simmer for long enough, anger and resentment can increase and severely damage our ability to include ourselves and others.

 Could Changing Habits Improve Inclusion?

If we all became more aware of our own judgements and comparisons habits how could it transform our lives? If we all made it a goal to improve our daily thoughts by 25% to make them positive toward ourselves and others could that make the world more inclusive?  If we all worked to advance the good of the WHOLE rather than judging people based upon what YOU have or do not have,  how would your inner thoughts  and feelings improve toward yourself and others. Could becoming  more aware and changing our thought habits change the world and make it a more inclusive place?


How have your engrained habits of judgment and comparison impacted your ability not only to include yourself but others?

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