leadership May 28, 2021
You may be asking yourself, "What am I doing subscribing to a  site that teaches how to become a leader for inclusion? " Are you struggling to find the confidence to believe you can lead?
Don't See Yourself As A Leader?
I did too, and after 20 years, I sometimes still do! I never thought of myself as a leader. In my wildest dreams I never saw myself as leading a nonprofit for inclusion or training thousands of people on how to become more inclusive. I never saw myself as an author either.  I thought about writing a book but I was filled with self doubt. I honestly felt I had nothing of value that anyone would want to read.
Bottom line, whether you consider yourself a leader or not, you already are one. In fact you have been leading your entire life. As long as you are breathing, you are leading.
You Have The Power To Influence!
Think about it. From the time you were born, you have been leading yourself and others. As a small child, did you cry in order to get something you wanted from your parents? As tiny as you were, you recognized you had the power to influence and get a reaction.
 What is even more mind boggling is that every person you have contact with, you also lead. Today you may walk past a person and look the other way. Your attitude may be interpreted by them as indifferent or that you do not care. It may make that person feel ignored and of little value to you. On the other hand, you may decide to smile, make eye contact, and say hello. In contrast you have now made them feel validated and included. Your life is in a constant state of sending messages and emitting energy whether positive or negative. Like it or not, you are leading! The question is how do you harness that leader within you to become a positive influence for change?
Tell Yourself Daily "I Am A Leader" 
The first step to change is becoming more aware. Every week we will increase awareness as a springboard to progress!  Don’t worry about becoming a leader and how you will do it. You already are a leader! Now let’s begin to  learn to use it to empower and positively influence you and those around you!
This week, start every day by telling yourself, “I am a LEADER.” Become more aware of how your life, decisions, and how the energy you emit influences almost everything around you.  I highly recommend getting a notebook and journaling everyday. Write down how much you lead and the influence you have on others and the environment around you. I promise you, increasing your awareness will help you to realize every day how much influence you really do have. It will blow your mind how much you lead every day! You may ask. "Am I a LEADER?" The answer is yes. If you are breathing you are leading!

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