Three Qualities People Value In Leaders

leadership Jul 09, 2021

When you want to attract people to your cause, think about what makes your story unique. What is it about your cause that will pull at people’s heart strings and encourage them to actively engage? In today’s world of information overload, people are being bombarded with millions of things to buy and overwhelmed with negative things happening in the world around them. How can you, as a leader, break through all the muck and give people greater hope and meaning in their lives? Begin by looking at three qualities that people are most attracted to in a leader: vulnerability, authenticity, and affinity toward action.

Why People Value Vulnerability
There is nothing that can compare to the unconditional love that most parents feel toward their children. Like many parents, I had taken my son to play soccer with other children in town. The only problem was that he had multiple disabilities. We were told we did not belong on that field, and we had to leave. Many of us have felt the pain of being excluded, but when you see your four year old child’s heart break because of other peoples’ ignorance and cruelty, there are no words to describe the agony.

It has been almost 20 years since the soccer story, but to me, it feels like it was yesterday. Always remember that your stories mean something, and the world is waiting anxiously to hear them. However, people cannot hear you when you stand an arms-length away. Become transparent, and let people who are willing to listen get close enough to feel the pain at the center of your heart. In a world painted by facades, leaders who take the time to share their vulnerabilities and invite others in to share the depth of what their cause means to them will stand out.

Why Is Authenticity Vital?
Most people feel that being vulnerable and showing pain makes you look weak. There is some truth to that when all you do is talk about your own pain. Sharing pain to get sympathy or to manipulate people for personal gain does little to motivate people. Instead, share your pain to gain empathy. Empathy motivates people to take action in order to change some aspect of humanity that is broken. This should be at the heart of every calling. People can tell when you are authentic and real. It causes them to get closer to their own pain and humanity, genuinely pulling at their heart strings as well as their conscience. Nothing will draw people closer or faster to your calling than being authentic.

Leaders Compel People Toward Action :
Once people genuinely engage in your cause, give them a call to action and get them involved. Many people need to be told what to do and given specific ways they can begin to invest their time. The faster and more intentionally you get people to start putting skin in the game, the faster the momentum will begin to carry your purpose forward. Getting people to take action also enables them to experience the benefits of what their service can do to change lives. I always tell people that it is not what you personally receive from giving, but the benefits those you serve derive from your giving that counts. Over the years, there is no question that I have seen many people develop an addiction to service because of the euphoria they feel as a result of the joy they have brought to somebody else’s life.

People are looking for causes that can help them realize their innate value and find meaning in their lives. They are looking for leaders who share their vulnerabilities, have deeply embedded authentic values, and whose lives compel them to take action that will contribute to the betterment of themselves and their families and communities. As a leader, focus on these qualities. You will be amazed at how many people will begin to listen to your story and become attracted to your cause.

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