You Don't Need Permission To Be Included!

Oct 15, 2021

For the first few years when I started Pathways for Exceptional Children, I approached advocacy as having to convince everyone that people with disabilities were equal and deserved to sit at the table with everyone else. It took me awhile to understand we already were inherently worthy and I did not have to prove anything. I changed my approach and began sitting down at the table as if we always belonged there. I stopped asking for permission and claimed the spot with the same confidence that anyone else would.

Different Does not Equate to Unworthy

So often it can be our mindset that can hinder inclusion. You may feel others won’t give you access because you are different. Being different can impact your confidence, make you feel unworthy, and diminish your self-esteem. That energy transmits to others, and many times, reinforces their behavior toward excluding you. 

Don't Allow People To Devalue You

You will always be inherently worthy. You do not need anyone’s permission to realize the potential within you or to be included. Don’t allow yourself and/or other people to devalue who you are or to take away your confidence as somebody who is always worthy of being included.   

Don't Be Deterred When Permission is Denied

Sometimes inclusion doesn’t always happen in the direction or way you are anticipating. Have the confidence to claim inclusion anyway.  When others exclude you, don't let that stop you. Begin to pave your own pathway to inclusion. When my son was excluded from participating in programs, employment, and so many other things; I never let that deter me. I simply created my own programs and activities that included everybody. You also never know when the people who exclude you now, will eventually leave their table to sit at yours in the future!

Always remember, don’t wait for others to give you permission to be included. Nobody can deny you the permission to feel you belong.  Even when someone tries to deny you permission, give yourself the permission to create your own pathways to inclusion. Don't wait for permission. Have the confidence to keep looking at every avenue you can to have a voice and representation at the table; even if you have to create your own!

Share below how you have overcome the feeling of being denied the permission to be included and what you have done.

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