Unite For Inclusion

Unite for Inclusion provides innovative training programs that empower parents, schools, and businesses to become leaders of authentic inclusion.

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The Reality

Supremacy and exclusion are growing at an alarming rate in many of our communities. 

Time for Change

It is time to create new solutions that bring about the authentic inclusion we all yearn for.

Leadership Challenge

Together we can empower each other with the skills and heart to become leaders for inclusion.



Together We Can Break the Cycle of Exclusion

As parents and leaders in our schools, communities, and businesses becoming role models for inclusion, will not only change who we are today, but will shape future generations.

Get the free download "Four Tips to Building Inclusion."


What is Unite for Inclusion?

Melinda Jennis, author of the book Include ME!, talks about why we are in dire need of new strategies and mindsets toward inclusion. Segregating into groups based upon labels and advocating with an "us" versus "them" mindset will not bring about inclusion.

One of the most critical areas of focus for increasing inclusion is to understand that it is constantly changing and evolving. We must get our children, community members and employees intricately involved in helping to rewrite the playbook and to create new and more effective strategies at the grassroots level to end exclusion. Listen to the video to find out more about Unite for Inclusion!

Get the free download "Four Tips to Building Inclusion."


Bring Melinda to Your Community!

With over 20 years of leadership and public speaking experience, Melinda can engage people of all ages and backgrounds from grade school children to CEO's of companies.  Bring Melinda to your business, school, and community to learn more about how investing in inclusion can change the fiber of your culture and secure a brighter future where everyone can flourish together!   



 How to Build and Lead Authentic Inclusion in a Segregated World

The United States is deeply divided with feelings of frustration on the rise. The book Include ME! is a #1 International Best Seller book in in fifteen education and parenting categories and offers new ideas and practical ways to help increase inclusion in families, businesses and communities.

The captivating stories the author, Melinda Jennis, shares about her journey in becoming a leader for inclusion will not only increase your own awareness, but promises to transform the way you think and feel about inclusion. This book is a great training tool to use at almost every level. All proceeds from the book will be donated to Pathways for Exceptional Children.


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You Can Make a Difference!

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Together we can change the world!

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Melinda has fondly become known as the "Include ME!" lady to so many people. Her heart lives and breathes inclusion and her life has been a role model for thousands in her work toward including everyone. She has made a difference in the lives of so many people and has worked tirelessly to hand the torch of inclusion to the next generation!

        - Monique McHenry, Inclusion Advocate - Dublin, OH